Essay Draft Proofreading

In the conclusion you should say what you’ve talked about why you’ve brought all of this together and why you’re concluding what you said in the introduction was your argument each of the topics is approximately the same side size each proc topic should blend one into the other and lead the reader inevitably to your conclusion and that’s particularly important that you go in apply that structure within your essays now when you write is essays you obviously write in English you need to be able to write English if you don’t know how to write English then you’re going to have a problem in writing essays it’s not terribly difficult you don’t need to write terribly complicated English there is a concept of basic English and basic English consists of understanding a couple of structures within English verbs and nouns and adverbs and adjectives and the structure of sentences.

And I talked a little bit about that within the paper that I’ve got accompanying this presentation it’s important that what you do is you plan your essay so you plan the structure you plan what the topics are you plan how it works together you write short sentences ideally a sentence should be no longer than 20 words if you can get your shet sentences to ten words so much the better but not long sentences if you write long sentences and what you’re doing is you’re making it very difficult for the reader to go and understand what you’re saying and also you’ll be confusing your own thoughts it’s important that when you write an essay you proofread one third of the essay should be in the initial writing two-thirds of the time that you take in writing the essay or in putting the essay together should be in the proofreading so don’t just write the essay and say thank God that’s done I now can get on with something else you’ve got to realize that when you write the essay you need to spend double the time proofreading so if it takes you four hours to write an essay it’s going to take you eight hours to go and do the proofreading.

In other words the whole exercise over the essay is going to take 12 hours don’t fall in love with your words when you do the proofreading you need to be able to stand back you need to be able to look at what you said you need to be able to think about it dispassionately and if there’s any words that don’t make sense if there’s any sentences that don’t make sense if there’s anything that doesn’t flow correctly within the essay then you’ve got to go and get rid of it don’t just say this sentence is the best sentence I’ve ever written and the last thing I’m gonna do is go in delete that sentence the final tip I want to give you is practice essay writing is a skill that you get better and better at the more you practice the better you will get.