Working With Reviews For Paper

Try to keep on your track same structure to a PhD dissertation as well uh that’s actually harder for PhD dissertation after I fundamentally yes I think in PSE did the PhD dissertations are usually come out best with their related work section at the end but but this is something you need to talk to your supervisor about and may vary a bit but with a PhD dissertation your readers are more motivated somehow you know they’ve a PhD distillation this is a substantial chunk of work your readers know it’s substantial. Learn how to do and read reviews on Edusson.

It’s got chapters so they can flip past easily so it’s kind of different kind of medium so I’d be less I’m pretty sure about this for a related work section later for papers and it slightly more ambivalent about theses yeah obviously for a 12-page paper yeah for a five pager where would you compress oh I don’t know how do you how do I to five pay page very difficult to light a five page paper actually I don’t I’m not I’m not sure I can say anything meaningful in answer to that question so I just dodge it and it just it’s just tough and you have to I know my concern this is even if I agree with you people expect related works oh you should have a related work section after the introduction no I know no reviewer has ever come back to me and said you should have had your related work section earlier of course maybe they think it’s because you know Simon is a great fellow and we shouldn’t criticize him.

But I doubt it reviewers are actually pretty really brutal I’m sure so I would not worry over much about that but you must have a related work sector it must do a scholarly job yes but I mean if you refer for reference to it in your introduction also at the end of your contributions you say you can also then say just before you move on we’ll discuss related work in Section eight what you want to make sure is that your read your expert reader knows that you’re going to get there right and knows how to find it so but it can be very brief that’s my advice okay I just want to quickly move on to a bit about the sort of main payload of the paper because you’re what you want to do it will present your idea and avoid doing this kind of thing right this feels right but it’s not what you do on the whiteboard when you do with your whiteboard your friend you do not write out definitions like this you you do what you cut to the chase right you say ah ah I’ll tell you a bit about you know the formal definitions later but what I really want you to do since you’re in my office and you’ve got five minutes is to give you an intuitive idea of what the idea is of what of what I’m trying to do that’s what you should do in the paper you need the formal stuff or the more precise stuff later.