Writing a Persuasive Essay

We’re going to be talking about how to write a persuasive essay now we’ve talked about all this in class you’ve got a lot of information in your notes you’ve seen a PowerPoint in fact I’ve even sent the PowerPoint home but I figured that you might need a little bit of explanation to go along with it so if you watch this video which is a little bit longer than most of them you’ll get a real good idea of what you should be doing in order to write your persuasive essay okay so let’s take a look okay the first step obviously in writing a persuasive essay is to choose a topic this is a list of some of the topics we discussed in class you could choose one of these or there was obviously the option of selecting another topic and getting it approved by me but let’s assume that you’ve got your topic now once you have the topic obviously there are two different sides to that engine.

So what you have to do is you’ve got to create a tree map now there’s one of two separate tree maps you can have if you’re debating the merits of two separate things such as this example vanilla ice cream versus chocolate ice cream your going to want one that looks like this okay where you’ve got the merits of one side versus the merits of the other now if instead you chose an issue that has a yes or no answer like this one should minors have a curfew then over here you’re going to have the reasons why someone would say yes minors should have a curfew and over here you’re going to have the reasons why someone would say no minors should not have a curfew now let’s continue with this one all right when you’re going to write your introduction we’re going to put this on a fleet map and we’ve done a flee map before when you have an introduction you’re going to start with a lead like you would with any essay.

Then you’re going to introduce the issue but this is important you are not going to give any reasons or support in your introduction then you’re going to take a position which is going to be your thesis statement let’s take a look at what mine looks like here’s my introduction the teenage years are a time when young people are constantly pushing boundaries and testing limits this is a natural part of growing up teenagers have always enjoyed staying out late but some cities have curfew laws preventing this even though most teens are against these laws their parents usually support them curfew laws are necessary and should be enforced in all cities okay now let’s talk about this for a minute I started out with a lead that was fairly broad I’m giving my reader the idea that I’m going to be writing about something that has to do with teenagers and boundaries.