Month: March 2019

4 Benefits of teen chat rooms these days!

When it comes to bringing social awareness for teenagers, that is the age when they have just entered a new phase and have come to realise the changes that undergoes around them. They learn about life While not everyone that you meet there at the teen chat room is genuine people. You may come across

Eating Disorder (A common cause of Over weight)

Eating disorder is a common problem in teens today. These occur because of hormonal changes occurring in the body. There may be other mental disorders like depression, anxiety, substance abuse etc. Eating disorder causes serious health problems in teens which require long term treatment. There are different types of teen’s eating disorders. These are: (i)

Teenage Girls’ Abortion

Many teenagers go through unplanned pregnancies because their family members and society do not allow them to abort. Teenagers and their parents are unaware of the long term negative consequences of delivering the baby in early age. Forcing teens to speak freely about pregnancy to their parents may prove risky as different parents have different

Problems with Teenage Marriages

There has been a noticeable increase in the child marriages of women over the past few years. These women marry in the early age of fourteen years. But this young love and marriages are not easily accepted by the family and society. Statistics: (i) Numbers of married teenagers were nearly 50% during 1990’s. (ii) This

Impact of Family Divorce on Teens

An unhappy marital relationship is always a problem for children. Separation and divorce can ruin the entire family. Children who live in such environment show severe psychological changes. Parents divorce is like a crossroads in a child’s life. Most of the marriages in United States land up in divorce. Causes of divorce: (i) Poor communication.

Peer Pressure Influence

Teens want to be with friends of their own age. These friends are known as the peers. At this age, teens are attached more to their peers than to their parents to develop their own identity. This may sometimes detach the teens from their family members. The influence of peer can be negative or positive

Teens Smoking Habits

The most common practice that teens adopt quickly is the habit of smoking. It is in a very earlier age when teens first experiment with cigarette. The ingredients of the cigarettes, when burned produce harmful and toxic gases. This affects the one who is smoking and the one who is inhaling. Statistics: (i) 90% of

Anxiety Disorder can Effect Your Child’s Life

Anxiety disorder in teens is a common and natural human reaction that includes heart and mind. Teens with anxiety disorder show feeling of intense stress, worry, fear, and panic. This may result into faster heartbeat, trembling hands and legs, and sweaty palms. Anxiety is mildly or intensely felt by everybody depending on the situation. Statistics:
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