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Juvenile Boot Camps for Troubled Teens

Juvenile boot camp is an alternative plan of military style of short-term boot camps for troubled teens. It should be examined carefully about specification of Juvenile boot camp before sending struggling youth to a juvenile boot camp. The assumption behind such boot camps is that if we scream sufficient at children and discipline then, they will come back on to the right path.

In most cases these short-term Juvenile boot camp do not create long lasting changes in troubled teens. However, if adolescent is really struggling with behavior, emotions, and academics, they need those programs that are more complicated and sensitive than a tough drill assignment.

Juvenile boot camps do not give emphasis to mental or physical therapy. Such camps put emphasis on discipline and rigid control. These camps will be similar to jails more than therapeutic centre. Juvenile boot camps not often effect long-standing, significant changes in troubled adolescents. The teens may change their behavior to avoid the warning of being sent back to such boot camps.

These boot camps are not a correct behavioral change and it will not create the kind of significant changes that are needed for struggling youths to lead a responsible, progressive, and challenging life. However, after returning from these Juvenile boot camps youth shows signs of improvement for days or even weeks. With passes of time the teens then reverts to his previous ways as fear disappear.

Generally troubled teens need planned, good guidance, therapy, and the cooperation from everyone associated to troubled kids for changes of behavior. Due to crushing and over powering environment of a boot camp, angry, rebellious, oppositional youths may be back to mainstream. These camps do not deal with emotional issues, which is a part of many adolescent behavioral problems.


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