Adoption Issues For Troubled Teenagers

Adoption is when a family adopts a child from different birth parents but upbringing them in their own style and giving the child their own values and culture. The loss of birth parents leads to adoption.
The child may be adopted because the wife is unable to conceive or may be for a social cause.

A child who is adopted may show behavioral and therapeutic changes in either early childhood or in later stages of life. It causes a distracting relationship of the child with family.

The teens which are adopted in the first or second months of their birth may sometimes experience a sense of loss and develop a feeling of abandonment. Grief is a common reaction to loss. But teens usually express this by showing anti and revolutionary behavior against their parents.

There may be various things going in a child’s mind if he/she is adopted. These may be:

(i) Feeling of rejection.
(ii) Low self-esteem.
(iii) Feeling of unfaithfulness.
(iv) Need to connect with the past.

A youth who is adopted must talk to the person who provides him/her with the comfort that they require. Talk freely to your friend, who can understand you well, talk to a counselor or a mental health specialist. If you are comfortable with any of them, then just scribble down your feelings on a piece of a paper.

Children who are adopted may experience problems of searching for a good identity as non-adoptee, problem in making sex and getting pregnant, substance abuse, and depression.

Help to parents:

(i) Do not be unfair with your child. Help them to cope up with the negative situations they are going through.
(ii) Share your child’s problem and give them the support they need.
(iii) Search for a therapist who is expert in working with adopted families.

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