Anxiety Disorder can Effect Your Child’s Life

Anxiety disorder in teens is a common and natural human reaction that includes heart and mind. Teens with anxiety disorder show feeling of intense stress, worry, fear, and panic. This may result into faster heartbeat, trembling hands and legs, and sweaty palms.
Anxiety is mildly or intensely felt by everybody depending on the situation.


(i) 13% of the U.S. Population has anxiety.
(ii) It affects 8-10% of all adolescents.


(i) Early learning.
(ii) Brain biochemistry.
(iii) Fight or flight mechanism.


(i) Anger.
(ii) Depression.
(iii) Extreme mood swings.
(iv) Secretive/ Compulsive/Obsessive behavior.
(v) Changes in sleeping and eating habits.

Anxiety sometimes poses danger to a teen’s life. It stops teen to live life to its highest. The child may face difficulty to make new friends, perform well in school and may also start experimenting with drugs.

Types of anxiety:

(i) Generalized Anxiety.
(ii) Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
(iii) Phobia.
(iv) Social Phobia.
(v) Panic attacks.


Anxiety disorders can be treated by mental health experts or a therapist. A therapist with the help of different therapies helps teens with anxiety disorders to get relief from it. He also provides guidance and advice to learn new things.

A teen with anxiety disorder must:

(i) Tell a parent and other adult about the physical sensations, worries, and other symptoms related to it.
(ii) Get a checkup from doctor.
(iii) Take advice from mental health experts about its treatment.
(iv) Get meditation, regular exercise, and good sleep.

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