Gang Involvement

Usually teens show violent behavior because of their involvement in gangs. Gang consists of few young girls and boys with same interests and goals, which are usually negative. A student joins gang in his or her middle level education. These gangs may be street gangs, school gangs, or college gangs with one leader in every gang.


(i) 14% of the teens are involved in gangs and 89% are responsible for violence.
(ii) Teen homicide is the main cause of death of a gang member.
(iii) One-fourth of gang members are in the age group of 15-17 years.
(iv) There are more mail gangs than females. But, female gangs are also increasing these days.

The violence may not be the only reason that makes a teen to join a gang. There may be several other reasons that provoke teens to join a gang. These reasons may be:

(i) The opportunity to make money.
(ii) Matter of prestige.
(iii) Thrill
(iv) Protection from bullies.


(i) Change in type of friend circle.
(ii) Changes in dressing style.
(iii) Carrying a weapon.
(iv) Experimenting with drugs and alcohol.
(v) Talking in abusive style.
(vi) Displaying gang symbols on books, clothes etc.
(vii) Losing interest in studies.

Help to parents:

(i) Learn about the warning signs of gang involvement and keep a close check on the child.
(ii) Do not hesitate while talking to your child. Talk freely.
(iii) Get involved in programs that offer spiritual guidance to the youth.
(iv) Take help from counselors to choose the best school or program for your child.
(v) Get involved your child into activities that give him/her pleasure like art, music, sports etc.

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