Problems with Teenage Marriages

There has been a noticeable increase in the child marriages of women over the past few years. These women marry in the early age of fourteen years. But this young love and marriages are not easily accepted by the family and society.


(i) Numbers of married teenagers were nearly 50% during 1990’s.
(ii) This increased to about 4.5% in 2000.
(iii) At least two-third of the married teens in 2000 lived apart from their spouse.

Marriages in teenagers are very common. It is usually believed that rich girls tie knots in the early age compared to poor girls.

This was not a big issue in early times as life expectancy was shorter and the economy was dependent on agriculture. People were illiterate and more children were considered as the gift of God. But things have changed now compared to past. People are well educated and have good financial status. They know about the pros and cons of early marriage today. They are aware about the risks involved in early pregnancy. So, family and society are totally against teenage marriage and cannot accept it so easily.

There are still many teens that are unaware and are not mature enough to know about the family and financial responsibilities. In some countries, teens are not allowed to attend the medium or high school after tying the knot. They don’t know how to bear the complications of life.

Reasons why teen wants to get married in this age.

(i) To get out from the parent’s house.
(ii) To live with the one you love.
(iii) Afraid of losing the one you love.
(iv) Strong relationship and you think you are ready to take this big step.

A teen should think of a few things before tying knot with his/her partner.

(i) Plan out a realistic budget.
(ii) Mange your time for different things cleanliness, kitchen, kids etc.
(iii) Different issues you need to discuss with your partner.

There may be a solid reason for a teen to get married. Not because they want to, but they forcefully have to. This is the case of a teen pregnancy.

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