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Eating Disorder (A common cause of Over weight)

Eating disorder is a common problem in teens today. These occur because of hormonal changes occurring in the body. There may be other mental disorders like depression, anxiety, substance abuse etc. Eating disorder causes serious health problems in teens which require long term treatment. There are different types of teen’s eating disorders. These are: (i)

Impact of Family Divorce on Teens

An unhappy marital relationship is always a problem for children. Separation and divorce can ruin the entire family. Children who live in such environment show severe psychological changes. Parents divorce is like a crossroads in a child’s life. Most of the marriages in United States land up in divorce. Causes of divorce: (i) Poor communication.

Gang Involvement

Usually teens show violent behavior because of their involvement in gangs. Gang consists of few young girls and boys with same interests and goals, which are usually negative. A student joins gang in his or her middle level education. These gangs may be street gangs, school gangs, or college gangs with one leader in every
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