Teenage Girls’ Abortion

Many teenagers go through unplanned pregnancies because their family members and society do not allow them to abort.

Teenagers and their parents are unaware of the long term negative consequences of delivering the baby in early age. Forcing teens to speak freely about pregnancy to their parents may prove risky as different parents have different opinion in choosing the rights and wrongs of this situation.

In foreign countries, many young fathers leave this choice of abortion or delivering a baby on their girlfriends alone or with the family. Girls and their family members who opt for adoption usually get the advice from someone who went through the same stage.


(i) England has one of the highest pregnancy rates in Western Europe.
(ii) In 1990, almost 90,000 teenagers got pregnant and around 56,000 gave birth.
(iii) Almost all teenagers were shocked to discover that they were pregnant.

A teen who gets pregnant should be educated the most. She should be given independent counseling and advice on the very first time when her family or friends suspect that she is pregnant.

The decision of aborting or keeping the baby should be taken not only by the mother or father alone but this should be a group discussion because a lot more people other than just mother or father are affected when teen has baby in her womb.

The only way we can curb teenage girl abortion is to educate people with good and valuable information on safe sex rather than their denial.

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