Teens Smoking Habits

The most common practice that teens adopt quickly is the habit of smoking. It is in a very earlier age when teens first experiment with cigarette. The ingredients of the cigarettes, when burned produce harmful and toxic gases. This affects the one who is smoking and the one who is inhaling.


(i) 90% of the adults start smoking when they were teenager.
(ii) 5 million teens will die from smoking-related disease.
(iii) It is estimated that approximately 4.5 million adolescents in the United States are smokers.


(i) Pressure from friends.
(ii) Low self-image or self-esteem.
(iii) To release tension.
(iv) Influenced by role model.
(v) Fashion Statement- to look cool.
Nicotine acts as refreshment for mind and body and has the capacity to curb feelings, lose appetite, and is an easy way to relax from worries and tensions. Once, body becomes used to nicotine, it causes its addiction.
Apart from nicotine, a person also exposes to various other toxins in every puff of cigarette smoking. These toxins are acetone, arsenic, butane, carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, and toluene.


(i) Chronic cough.
(ii) Bad breath.
(iii) Reduces stamina.
(iv) Yellow teeth.
(v) Stinky clothes and hands.

Treatment and Prevention:

(i) Parents must know about the symptoms of smoking and should keep a close check on children.
(ii) Give them treatment via different treatment programs or schools with the help of an expert’s advice.
(iii) Keep cigarettes in out of reach areas of children. Do not keep them at a place where children have easy access to them.

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